How to Hide Comments on TikTok Live

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If you want to watch a TikTok live video but don’t feel comfortable answering questions or making comments to a creator, you can hide the chat section. To do this, you will need to set up your TikTok account and find the Live feature. Once you’ve logged in, you can then choose which videos you want to comment on, or even change your settings for your own live stream.

During a live stream, you can remove any comments from your screen by tapping the Clear Display button. This will clear all messages from the chat window. The Clear Display button appears only on certain devices and isn’t always visible, but if you’ve already set up your settings, you should be able to find it. You can also hide the chat window by swiping your finger left or right.

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When you’re on a TikTok live stream, you can hide the chat by swiping away from the screen. Once you’ve hidden the chat, you’ll only be able to view the live video. But if you return to the live stream, you may have to manually clear the chat.

If you’re a moderator or you’re on a popular account, you can have a fast stream of comments from viewers. However, you can still block comments from others by logging into your account and changing your privacy settings. Before you post offensive or hateful remarks, TikTok will warn you.

You can also filter out certain words or phrases from your comments. For example, you can set up a filter so that only users who are not friends of yours can comment. Using this setting, you’ll be able to filter out up to 200 words. Alternatively, you can use keywords, phrases, or numbers to block your comment.

You can also delete your own comments by swiping to the right. After you’ve done this, the comments section will disappear. There will be a “loading” icon on the screen. Afterward, you can swipe to the left to see your creator’s name. Swiping to the right will reveal the “Exit” button.

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TikTok’s LIVE feature allows you to interact with your audience in real time. While this is a fun way to view videos, it can be a bit overwhelming to see too many comments. Luckily, you can hide the chat window and keep a steady pace. Also, if you’re a moderator, you can mute viewers for five seconds to five minutes. Alternatively, you can report a user who’s insulting your viewers.

It’s important to remember that comment settings will only be active for the current LIVE stream you’re currently on. That means that you can temporarily hide your chat and then come back and make changes later. Changing your settings can be as simple as going to the settings tab in the TikTok app and navigating to the Live tab. Using these tips, you can turn off the comment section and avoid a lot of confusion when you’re in a live stream.

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